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We’ll Help Keep You On Course With Your Retirement!

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"Retirement’s great paradox?  It takes work." – Robert Laura

Retirement Income Planning

Retirement is different now than it was in past generations. Today, individuals have varying expectations for how they wish to spend their retirement years. Many planning factors are interconnected, which require careful consideration when developing a retirement strategy. While more Americans are working past age 65, not everyone will be able to control their retirement timing. Making the most of the things you can control while evaluating the risk factors that are out of your control is the soundest way to approach your retirement.

The Team at San Tan Planning & Investments is committed to working alongside you each step of the way. We dig deeper by way of developing comprehensive financial plans that put your future in your hands and help you answer all of your anxiety-causing questions so that you can focus on living your life to the fullest! How much money should I be saving each year? When can I afford to retire? What will my retirement lifestyle cost? Should I do Roth conversions prior to my retirement years? When should I begin taking Social Security benefits? When should I look to sell my business?

Comprehensive Retirement Plans Include:


  • Creating Long Term Objectives
  • Identifying Sources of Income
  • Projecting Cash Flow and Expenses
  • Implementing a Savings Program
  • Managing Assets
  • Formulating Retirement Timelines
  • Assessing Potential Long-Term Care and Healthcare Costs